We have a new range of modern longbows, for 2015, to meet the tastes of the modern archer. We have much slimmed down the knock, made them more to modern tastes and pleasing to the eye. Bows are slimmer, and pay much more attention to providing bows of the correct length. 2019 redesign of deluxe Nocks, making stringer groove obsolete, the Nock is shaped to accommodate stringer without groove. 

Etelon Longbows specialise in the English longbow, British made in our own workshop and proud of it. Our longbows are hand crafted so can tailored to meet your needs. The materials used have been tried and tested over many decades so no nasty surprises. Etelon Longbows are pleasure to shoot, reliable, maintaining their performance over many years.
Our Longbows are tillered to a very high standard which leaves no weak point, getting the most out of each stave. We prefer to make our bows "full compass". They bend to form a perfect arc, including the handle. We use a number of varying tillers and have our own preference but leave the final judgement up to the customer. Staves are set forward during lamination to prevent string follow and give more speed.

We spend our time on quality as it sells our longbows, taking pride in our work, not compromising on quality. Many of our sales are generated by word of mouth and have many customers coming back for an upgrade.  We supply our products across Europe and beyond.

We make a wide range of  bows to suit all needs and tastes.

It would be unfair to make comparisons between Bowyers as most are very comparable in workmanship, it tends to be the choice of material and choice of tiller. Every bow is an individual as each piece of wood is unique. Some Bowyers tend only make bamboo backed bows while others does not believe Bamboo should be used as it is a grass, so it would not be fair to make comparisons unless comparing like for like.

We make both, as each type has its own advantages, so cannot say one is better than the other. If you compared a hickory backed to a Bamboo with Ipe belly, The hickory backed would be larger in comparison, the Bamboo backed would on average be faster with standard arrows. 

Slender bamboo backed bows:Very smooth fast bows.Normally faster than hickory.

Standard longbows 25-60 lbs:The size and performance is designed to meet the needs and expectations of the majority of archers, they look right in the hand, They reflect the spirit of the longbow. limbs are kept as slender as practical.
Longer Bows with heavier limbs 60 lbs to 70 lbs: Designed to shoot heavier arrows in particular medieval replicas. These are better suited and smooth when you use the correct arrow. 3/8" shafts. Good to build up your strength for heavier War bows.

War bows 70lbs up: Very large designed to shoot large !/2" Shaft Mary rose type arrows.

One of the meanings of Etelon


The name Etelon may sound unusual but it relates to to an hamlet in Normandy where we are building workshop facilities. The name relates to someone who settled there from England Of Nordic (Viking) origin called Lundre Which means wood. So the name Etelon means belonged to Wood. These early Nordic settlers became the Normans.