Our Longbows are competitively priced and offer excellent value for money.  

 Etelon build fast, durable bows using the best materials. Hot box cured Resorcenol that is the most suitable for bonding oily woods means that our bows do not delaminate which keeps our cost down as its very rare for a bow to be returned. 

We don't skimp, we provide a double thickness leather hand grip even on our starter bows, unlike the majority folded over at the ends. All bows include a string and stringer which will greatly improve the longevity of the bow. Supplying direct to the customer allows us to sell our bows at an affordable price.

The horn dot arrow pass is the best shape from an engineering point of view as is the smooth blended transition of the horn Nocks it is a sound engineering principle as was learn from aircraft and liberty ships that broke in two due to fatigue fractures on angular corners.  Arrow plates are available for type two as they do not bend in that area. 

All bows now come with double loop fast flight or equivalent string for faster arrow speeds. 

All bow now come with fast flight string as standard giving additional speed

Standard longbow triple laminate choice of core hickory backed lemonwood belly standard horn Nocks, Thick luxury hand stitched leather grip, horn dot arrow pass up to 60lbs at 28".


up to 50lbs x28"

Hickory core

£300" 29"max DL

£320  30" max DL

£330  32" max DL


up to 60lbs x28"

Choice of core

£330"  29" max DL

£340   30" max DL

£360   32" max DL


Choice of core with better more ornate type Nocks, extra built up leather handle

£340 29" max DL

£350 30" max DL

£360 32" max DL


Standard bamboo backed with Ipe or choice of core and lemonwood belly, hand stitched leather grip, standard black buffalo horn Nocks, horn dot arrow pass. 

 £320  29"" max DL

 £340 30" max DL

 £360 32" max DL


Extra built up handle with better more elaborate type Nocks.

£340 29" max DL

£350 30" max DL

£370  32" max DL

You need to be no more than 2" below the bows maximum or the bow will not working to near its optimum. 

Prices for type 2 as above except Prices start at 28" .

Delivery Costs. UK mainland £30 Excluding Highland and islands. Please inform us if you live in one of the remote areas as it is not always possible to find a service that will deliver due to length of package.


Bamboo backed longbow

 Ornate type black buffalo horn nocks.

Can be larger depending on preference

The design will vary as they are made to suit the shape and natural cuve of the horn.